A Place To Call Home

A Place to Call Home: A friend of gardens

A Place to Call Home: A friend of gardens

Breathes there the man with soul so dead who never to himself has said, “The garden at the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library is beautiful. ”

A Place to Call Home: Local library and school contribute to Cardiff’s greatness

Cardiff-by-the-Sea was founded in 1911 so it was only 2 years old when forward thinking people knew they needed a library. It was Christmas Eve, 1913 when 38 residents gathered in S.M. (Solomon) Holbrooks grocery to make application for a library.

Come and try yoga for seniors

The Centennial year is drawing to a close, turkeys and pies are being ordered and shopping and holiday stress is upon us. What a wonderful time to join the Silver Age Yoga class at the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library and let Emmy Garnica’s soothing voice guide you through the postures. Emmy first practiced yoga during the1960’s as […]

Centennial year has been a busy one

Our year thus far has been fun-filled celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Cardiff-by-the-Sea and even though it is winding down there are still many happenings ahead. The Friends of the Library kicked off the centennial festivities with a celebration at Besta Wan Pizza, the oldest restaurant in Cardiff, in January, and we […]

Plenty to celebrate in Cardiff this year

Spring is always a new beginning and this spring finds us celebrating Cardiff-by-the-Sea’s 100th anniversary, which started in January with a party at Besta Wan and continued with the dedication of a commemorative garden in Carpentier Way last month. The library expansion will be finished shortly but a formal dedication will take place later after […]

How our dear Cardiff came to be

Hector MacKinnon arrived in 1875 while Native Americans still occupied some of this area. He set about farming, raising chickens and his wife Sarah made jams and jellies. The first Cardiff School was in his barn. Thirty-six years later J. Frank Cullen, a painter from Boston, came west and when he saw this area he […]

Plenty planned to celebrate centennial

2011 marks 100 years since J. Frank Cullen arrived in the area, saw our beautiful coastline and immediately thought it could become an artists’ colony. In preparation he built a hotel at the corner of San Elijo Avenue and Chesterfield that became the Mercantile Building and has been home to many things including the first […]

History of beautifying Cardiff

The Cardiff-by-the-Sea Business Association established the Beautification Committee in 1963 and leased the railroad right-of-way, Orville Carpentier and wife Jessica took care of the parkway along San Elijo Avenue mowing and watering. The Beautification Committee launched Project Pride, chamber members raised funds, planted palm trees, acquired planters and black-topped the business parking lot and in […]

New, veteran staff members help Cardiff library run

While awaiting the officials with gold shovels and hard hats to arrive to break ground for the expansion, it is business as usual in the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library. New to our knowledgeable staff is Becky Sanders, who will be our assistant branch manager. She comes to us after seven-and-a-half years at the El Cajon branch, has […]

Summer in Cardiff is well under way

For, lo, the winter is passed and Cardiff-by-the-Sea is gearing up for a long, hot summer of fun so join in and enjoy. The Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library kicked off their summer reading program, Splashes, on June 26 with Literature Comes to Life with Stacy Wein, so be sure to sign up for fun and prizes and […]

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