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Don’t get burned

Don’t get burned

Yeah, sunburns happen! Maybe you forgot to reapply sunscreen at the beach or you stayed longer than you’d planned.

Happier Holiday Returns

Sometimes it just has to go back, whether it’s a dress that looked a lot better in the dressing room or the holiday present so terrible you can’t even regift it. ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports, recently looked at ways to make the process of returns as painless as possible, […]

Saving big when dining out

Everyone loves a great deal and loves to eat, so what could be better than finding bargain meals? ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports, recently uncovered the best websites to find restaurant deals so that you can enjoy a meal out without breaking your budget. Got a special occasion coming up? Try Bloomspot, […]

One-fifth of tested seafood mislabeled or misidentified

A Consumer Reports investigation reveals that more than one-fifth of 190 pieces of seafood bought at retail stores and restaurants in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were not what they claimed to be — either mislabeled as different species of fish, incompletely labeled or misidentified by employees. CR sent the fresh and frozen fish […]

Americans are again warming to the credit card companies

Things are looking rosier for credit-card holders. Consumers are paying down balances and facing fewer punitive actions by credit card companies, such as higher rates, late-payment fees and canceled cards, according to a nationwide survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. New federal rules barring many abusive practices by credit-card issuers seem to be […]

Where to go for a great deal on electronics

The hottest electronics this holiday season? Tablet computers and e-book readers, the editors of Consumer Reports expect. The best places to buy them and other items on your list, including TVs, cameras and camcorders? Online, according to CR’s readers. CR’s Ratings of places to buy major electronics are based on this year’s annual questionnaire. In […]

New insurance rankings reveal wide variety in quality for large health insurers

Consumer Reports analyzed the recently released rankings of 830 private, Medicare and Medicaid health insurance plans, revealing wide variations in quality and mixed results for some of the nation’s largest health insurers. Many employers, as well as Medicare, schedule their annual open enrollment periods for the fall, so for consumers who have the option of […]

Organization tricks for every season

The start of fall means that it’s time to clean up the house, swap out clothes in your closets and break out the seasonal tools in the garage. ShopSmart, the shopping magazine published by Consumer Reports, came up with organizing tricks to keep everything tidy year-round. “The change of seasons is the perfect time for […]

Waking up to caffeine

Caffeine is complicated. On one hand, moderate coffee drinking can reduce the risk of gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes and other health problems. Caffeine helps relieve pain when combined with acetaminophen or other painkillers, and modest amounts of the stimulant can improve alertness and cognitive performance. On the other hand, too much caffeine can […]

Consumer Reports offers tips for saving energy

Discussions about federal regulations on Energy Star ratings and energy-efficient products continue and homeowners need to keep a pulse on the changes. Consumer Reports, which seeks to help shoppers make the best decisions for their needs and possibly save some cash, offers these energy-saving tips. Powering electronic devices can cost almost as much as powering […]

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