Life, Liberty and Leadership

Encinitas City Council is ‘Must See TV’

Another episode of “The Real Council Members of Encinitas” played out at city hall last week. In true reality TV fashion, scripted accusations were hurled, back biting cast members confronted co-workers and self-serving alliances were on display. Playing the role of a “Desperate Council Member” Kristin Gaspar laid in wait to ambush council member Teresa […]

Getting city’s financial housing in order

When local government wants to sell public land to pay for failed leadership, we should take note. Selling community assets is a signal that the city and school district’s financial house is not in order. In Encinitas, mismanagement of the Pacific View School site is costing taxpayers. Years ago 2.8 acres of coastal bluff property […]

A chance to give thanks, then and now

In 1620, the Pilgrims came to America to live in a land of their own. They wanted freedom from the King of England, religious and otherwise. They set sail for Virginia and when their ship the Mayflower was blown off course they landed at Plymouth. The Pilgrims had been granted a charter to settle in […]

Council move makes me bananas

Last week Encinitas Mayor Bond, Deputy Mayor Stocks and Council member Gaspar appointed their campaign supporter Mark Muir to the city council. Evidence presented during the application process showed Muir was the only applicant to violate city policies for ethics and codes of conduct. Muir’s violations benefited the only three people in the city with […]

Teaching the values of right and wrong

When elected leaders like Encinitas Mayor James Bond, Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks and Council member Kristin Gaspar no longer support the values of the residents they claim to represent, the community is threatened. In Encinitas we teach the values of our community in our schools. We do this because we want our kids to know […]

City Council must avoid cronyism

The Encinitas city council must avoid the appearance of cronyism in appointing a new council member. Governments that look like they are based on “having friends in high places” undermine the public trust and create doubt. A number of applicants have pledged not to run in 2012, like local business owners Ken Harrison and Joann […]

Will the council do the right thing?

Encinitas will soon have a new City Council member. This person will cast votes that will impact our quality of life and property values. The new council member will not be elected by the city’s 60,000 voters but be a political appointee chosen by four people. I question if current council members have the judgment […]

‘Houlihan appointment’: here’s to hoping

For the first time in Encinitas history, a City Council member will be selected not democratically by a vote of the people, but by a political appointment. Some say it is the latest move in a political chess match between residents seeking to protect community character and pro-development special interests seeking to increase density. The […]

‘Update’ plan is more ‘extreme makeover’

Encinitas is rewriting city zoning calling it the “General Plan Update.” Residents who went to city workshops call it the “General Plan Up-Zone,” saying land use changes threaten property values by allowing high density, destroying small town character, and increasing traffic. When government calls things what they are not, we notice. It usually means taxpayers […]

Houlihan replacement process has prospect of council super-majority

Encinitas residents who fear that a City Council super-majority could increase density without a vote of the people packed City Hall during a council meeting to discuss filling the vacant seat held by Maggie Houlihan, who passed away after battling cancer. Houlihan was the top vote getter in 2004 and 2008. Whoever fills her seat […]

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