Local Roots

The dirt on soil

One great thing about working with plants of all types, irrigation systems and landscapes on a regular basis is that you can get great hands-on experience and learn oftentimes much more from doing and solving problems than you would by attending a lecture or a class.A great tenant I like to employ for my designs […]

It’s a wonderful time to learn of plant’s colorful past

November and December always bring with them the joyous holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but who can remember either of these joyous days without the splash of color and statement that the Yuletide poinsettia makes? Commonly known as Zack Wood or the Noche Buena, the poinsettia was first discovered by an American, Joel Roberts Poinsett, […]

Local tree has prehistoric roots

Take a good look around Encinitas, Leucadia or Solana Beach. Standing tall on the coastal slopes leading up from the sea to where the hillside meets the sky, you will see a particularly interesting giant of a tree towering above the Torrey pines and the occasional Canary Island palm. Ancient and endemic to Norfolk Island, […]

Tips for helping your fall garden grow

We are fast approaching old man Winter and leaving behind the beauty of the fall. With the onset of heavy rains, it is not too late if you are a garden enthusiast in North County to get your autumn vegetables planted and planned for the season. San Diego is blessed with a temperate weather that […]

Water features slowly going the way of the dinosaurs

Don’t get me wrong though, I love water features and especially enjoy the interplay between light and water. The mystery you can create, using disappearing falls or negative edge watercourses is always a sight to behold, just like the fountain monuments to the twin towers at ground zero in New York City. Still, when faced […]

With our climate, bromeliads make a great garden addition

Working in the garden and designing in different climates often requires an extensive plant pallet to keep things fresh to the eye. One of my favorite plants to use in dark, light and wet areas comes from the Bromeliaceae family. These plants are commonly known as bromeliads. Rich in history and just as colorful, you […]

Search for mysterious leak leads to solution

Nothing can be more frustrating to a pool owner than having a beautiful pool that loses water, chlorine, salt and Cyanuric Acid. Now, most people know a pool must have chlorine to keep it clear and prevent algae and other biologics from growing in the water, but few know what a salt water pool does […]

Bamboo is the perfect option for creating a natural plant screen

Many times, when confronted with creating a plant screen for a homeowner in a tightly spaced tract where the two story homes are stacked nearly one on top of the other, I have had to explain the rules: Usually, the higher a plant grows, the wider it will expand outwardly from it’s base or trunk. […]

Ponytail Palms are native, easy to care for and easy to find

California has so many beautiful native and non-native plants that call this state home that it is often difficult to choose a favorite plant or tree, especially when you talk about landscaping. I like to use plants that are fairly drought tolerant, have some unique physical aspect about them and are easy to care for […]

Examining the history of the stately, graceful eucalyptus

Ah yes, the stately, beautiful and graceful eucalyptus tree. Love them or hate them you can’t help yourself but to listen when it comes to the many different stories about our own Australian transplant the eucalyptus tree and why they eventually ended up here in San Diego. Most of us locals know or think we […]

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