Scene and Heard

The world’s latest super hero: my husband

I enlisted my nephew to help me with my annual, absolutely-must, summer garage clean-out. Since my children had the bad grace to grow up and leave home, I now turn to the next generation, as my back gets dicier. It was glorious to have a big, strong, bright 16-year-old willing to lend me a hand. […]

Hanging backstage with Lemmy at The Belly Up

Back in 2000, Motorhead frontman and cult icon Lemmy Kilmister, along with rockabilly guitarist Danny B Harvey (Lonesome Spurs), and former Stray Cat Slim Jim Phantom, met by pure chance while recording parts for an Elvis tribute album. Afterward, the guys were all hanging out at the studio when they struck up a kinship for […]

Accidental singer/songwriter on her way up

It takes more than talent to make it as a successful artist (or anything for that matter). You have to be strong, ambitious, determined and undeterred by everyone else’s doubt or else you won’t make it. More than anything, you’ve got to believe that what you’re doing is something truly great, and that you yourself […]

Local drummer on the road to discovery

Being an amateur, relatively unknown musician can be extremely frustrating — especially for drummers. Think about it, most of us picked up sticks for the first time with the sole intention of wanting to beat the hell out of something or play something really loud. And how many drummers do you know who have to […]

Stranglers rock on after nearly a decade

The Hillstreet Stranglers have long been synonymous with chaos, discord and fury. In the right hands, it’s this precise concoction of volatile ingredients that can lead to the creation of great rock music. In the wrong hands, it can lead to the destruction of bands, and sometimes those within them. The Hillstreet Stranglers are no […]

Marco Piro: ambassador of the scene

Marco Piro is one of those guys you see at almost every local show on any given evening. Ever the polite gentleman, Marco always makes it a point to walk up and introduce himself to anyone he hasn’t met at the end of each show, and instead of bailing once his set is over, he […]

Hot summer shows on tap at the Belly Up Tavern

One of North County’s little musical gems — the Belly Up Tavern, tucked away in between a couple of quaint shops and restaurants in downtown Solana Beach — has always been known to host some great music. Just a stone’s throw away from the Coaster station, Belly Up is one of the most ideal places […]

Local band The Howls come out to play at night

A couple of months ago I went to a local bar to catch a friend’s band play. When the opening band took the stage, the setup was simple — a standard drum kit, a keyboard flanked by the bass player and a guitarist to the left, and the lead singer holding an acoustic guitar standing […]

Familiar faces grace the stage at San Diego County Fair

Each year the San Diego County Fair seems to get better and better; better food, better rides and better music. However, it’s always seemed, at least to this writer, that the fair’s music lineup could use a little help. It’s understood that you’re not going to get major acts like Kings of Leon to play […]

Band gives new meaning to ‘traffic jam’

6:30 a.m. hit me like a bucket of cold water. My alarm blared and my head ached, but I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for the chaos that was soon to begin. Ordinarily, you would never find me up this early on my day off — ever. But this morning was different and after I […]

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