Small Talk

Are we still getting ‘jiggy’ with it?

As 2014 rolls in, I was immediately concerned that my slang would need a serious update in order for me to stay cutting-edge hip.

I fought the noodle and it won

I wrestled with a pool noodle this week. I lost.I got the same result in my efforts with water dumbbells and a kickboard.

Wanting to impress is in our DNA

Some people dislike surprises, but I love them, excluding, of course, practical jokes and car breakdowns. But like an old warhorse, I am at my best when the bugle sounds.This past weekend was the perfect example of my favorite kind of spontaneity. I found out Friday that a favorite college chum and her lovely husband […]

Jury duty is no vacation

I just had a week away from it all. Call it a mini-vacation courtesy of the U.S. government right in the heart of beautiful downtown San Diego. You might know it better as jury duty. For the third time in about eight years, I was summoned by “She who must be obeyed” — Lady Justice. […]

If you can’t stand the heat …

Welcome, ladies  and gentlemen, to the Really Bland cook-off. This is for a different 1 percent — the sad minority who just can’t eat spicy food and feel really left out cook-off-wise. I despair as clever top chefs are laying out what seems like a perfect meal, making my mouth water as they describe each […]

Oh, to be superhuman

A few things caught my attention this week. First, it was news of a local sixth-grade team winning a recent robotics contest. Then I stumbled on a collection of award-winning science fiction. Then someone tried to comfort me by telling me, “We’re only human.”            Don’t I know it, sister. I become more aware of that […]

No need to thank me

It’s Saturday and I know they are all out there — just about every soul from L.A. to the border. Please don’t ask me to get in my car. Don’t ask me to drive anywhere or, heaven forfend, try to “run in and grab” anything that should “just take a minute.” The streets are clogged. […]

My own personal doc? Nah.

Hearing daily updates on the tribulations of Michael Jackson’s physician set me to pondering what life would be like having one’s own personal medical expert at one’s elbow. I think it might be even cooler than a private chef. I don’t even want to contemplate what it might cost to convince a trained physician to […]

Hola, Paco. Donde esta la biblioteca?

Español. Such a lovely language. I’ve heard it spoken properly by a host of profesors y profesoras, although I’ve never managed to speak it properly myself. Never mind that I did three years of listening labs in high school, four semesters of conversation in college and have lived in southern California since high school. I […]

Halloween all about neighbors

I thank my great-great-great-great-great-and-then-some Irish grandparents for the fun of Halloween, as the ancient Celts launched the holiday as Samhain, an end-of-summer harvest festival. This brings me to my fascination with the pronunciation of Gaelic — or Gaoidhealg — which rarely has anything to do with the letters involved. If you think spelling in English […]

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