Small Talk

Don’t rat me out

It appears I am a wanted felon. OK, not a felon, just a wanted infraction flaunter.

Scary holiday sweet treats

Summer’s not such a tough time for those of us with an unrepentant sweet tooth, but that candy-corn holiday is on its way, followed swiftly by iced sugar cookies.

Learning a new lesson on the road

You feel like such a chump. All this time you thought you were a pretty good driver and then some police officer decides it’s time you learned, or were reminded of, one of the finer points of the traffic code.

The new sounds of summer

In the summer in my ‘hood, everyone’s windows are open.

Not so worldly after all

I fancied myself rather worldly and sophisticated. It seems, instead, I have lived a rather sheltered existence.

Drinking with the fountains of youth

Do I look younger? I’m sure I must. I just spent a glorious evening drinking exotic cocktails with four of my son’s adorable 20-something friends.

It’s a bug’s life out there

I wish it were just a summer problem.  However, in my gentle husband’s “lower 40” (front, back and side yards) bugs, both flying and crawling, happily make their home.

Cast is leading to crankiness

Well, I may well be grappling with gangrene by the time you read this, as I just broke the first rule of having your hand wrapped in a big, annoying cast-bandage thingy. I got it a little bit wet.

The great swimsuit divide

I have such fond memories of summer. It meant long, lazy days to read fat books, enjoy carefree beach time and homemade ice cream.

Small Talk: The great outdoors

Welcome once again to Wild Kingdom, right in my own backyard.

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