Small Talk

The new sounds of summer

In the summer in my ‘hood, everyone’s windows are open.

Not so worldly after all

I fancied myself rather worldly and sophisticated. It seems, instead, I have lived a rather sheltered existence.

Drinking with the fountains of youth

Do I look younger? I’m sure I must. I just spent a glorious evening drinking exotic cocktails with four of my son’s adorable 20-something friends.

It’s a bug’s life out there

I wish it were just a summer problem.  However, in my gentle husband’s “lower 40” (front, back and side yards) bugs, both flying and crawling, happily make their home.

Cast is leading to crankiness

Well, I may well be grappling with gangrene by the time you read this, as I just broke the first rule of having your hand wrapped in a big, annoying cast-bandage thingy. I got it a little bit wet.

The great swimsuit divide

I have such fond memories of summer. It meant long, lazy days to read fat books, enjoy carefree beach time and homemade ice cream.

Small Talk: The great outdoors

Welcome once again to Wild Kingdom, right in my own backyard.

There’s something to say for enthusiasm

I’m not feeling amusing today. I am feeling righteous anger, or at least I think it’s righteous.

Motherhood will always have its mysteries

I didn’t really need to mark March 20 as the beginning of spring. I work at a school. All I had to do was walk by a bunch of sixth-graders. There is no more accurate bellwether of the rising sap.

Are we still getting ‘jiggy’ with it?

As 2014 rolls in, I was immediately concerned that my slang would need a serious update in order for me to stay cutting-edge hip.

jocuri zi de zi