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Prop B lawsuits? Is it true that Prop B exposes Solana Beach to significant liability for expensive lawsuits? You betcha.

Nuclear Wasteland: Just say no

When I recently read that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is arguing for leaving the nuclear waste on site at San Onofre for, potentially, three hundred years, I was disgusted. 

Campaigning hits new low in Solana Beach

The group behind the Fletcher Cove Community Center Party Policy Initiative has taken political campaigning to a new low in Solana Beach. 

Four-year degrees at community colleges? Why Not?

Maybe it’s been just an ego thing or a matter of turf, but administrators and some alumni groups at the University of California and the California State University systems for years have adamantly opposed the notion of community colleges granting anything more than two-year associate of arts degrees. 

Encinitas Golf Course full of holes?

Despite a recent change for the better and nearly two years of formal discussion and negotiation with homeowner representatives, the Encinitas Ranch Golf Authority (ERGA) continues to take actions that put more holes in taxpayers’ pockets than exist on the links themselves. 

Siskiyou secession move going nowhere, like all the rest

It’s secession season again in California. For the seventh time in the last 27 years or so, there’s a movement afoot to split the state. 

Lines blur between citizens and non-citizens

As the lines begin to blur between American citizens living in California and immigrants who are here legally, it’s fair to begin asking what’s the difference? 

Thomas Elias: New school requirements risk drop in grad rates

As California teachers and students open the new school year, they’re feeling proud of a recent trend toward decreased dropouts and increased graduation rates. 

Rejected spending and the prisoner crisis

For every action, goes the law of both physics and politics, there is a reaction, a consequence. 

In response to center initiative

A group of Solana Beach citizens are mobilizing to protect public access to Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC) and adjoining Overlook Park, Fletcher Cove Park and nearby coastal resources. 

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