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Server training, enforcement reduces drunk driving

Are bars to blame for drunk driving? In short: no. Drinkers are responsible for their own actions. But research collected by the County of San Diego shows roughly one-third to one-half of all drunk drivers are coming from bars and restaurants.  These licensed establishments have the potential to play a key role in preventing irresponsible […]

Thomas Elias: Power rate shift: Utilities seek to soak small users

A strong spotlight shines these days on the state Public Utilities Commission as it gets set to rule on how much the state’s biggest utilities will have to pay for their sometimes fatal blunders and how much consumers will be soaked for the negligence of utility executives.

S.H. Chambers

S.H. Chambers

Voters reject marijuana store fronts

Ballot initiatives to allow marijuana dispensaries in Encinitas and La Mesa are soundly defeated by voters.

Logjam ends, replacing Boxer could be first race of new era

This year’s election is over, and the main Tuesday result in California was not the least bit surprising: Four more years of Gov. Jerry Brown working with a Democratic-dominated Legislature.

The best choice for judge

My duties as San Diego’s top law enforcement officer require me to make the best decisions for public safety.  Judges regularly make public safety decisions too — not on the street but in their courtrooms. Judges are guardians of our Constitution and our liberties. Accordingly, we expect them to rise above ideology and politics and […]

Why I am voting no on Measure F

Measure F is not about compassionate use of marijuana for seriously ill patients; it is about profiteering. State law already allows for the closed network exchange of marijuana between a patient and a caregiver who has “…consistently assumed responsibility for the housing, health and safety of the patient” (Attorney General Guidelines). It does not allow […]

Be someone’s hero using new app

Want to save someone’s life? Well, now there’s an app for that.

In Encinitas, community character is everything

In a recent letter to the Encinitas Advocate, Councilwoman Lisa Shaffer wrote her own personal definition of community character. According to Shaffer, “To me, Encinitas community character is about kindness, integrity, and open minds…”

Taste of MainStreet or taste of the back street?

As a resident of Encinitas for 30 years, I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first time to try the Taste of Main Street in downtown Encinitas 101, which was held this week.  Most of the shops participated in the event starting from D Street to J Street where there is no shortage […]

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