Community Commentary

In Encinitas, community character is everything

In a recent letter to the Encinitas Advocate, Councilwoman Lisa Shaffer wrote her own personal definition of community character. According to Shaffer, “To me, Encinitas community character is about kindness, integrity, and open minds…”

Taste of MainStreet or taste of the back street?

As a resident of Encinitas for 30 years, I am embarrassed to admit that this was my first time to try the Taste of Main Street in downtown Encinitas 101, which was held this week.  Most of the shops participated in the event starting from D Street to J Street where there is no shortage […]

What the role of the mayor is and isn’t

Now that the voters will directly elect the mayor for the first time it’s important to understand exactly what the mayor can and more importantly cannot do.

Teacher supports school epi-pen bill

Our toddler daughter stopped breathing in our arms after eating a bite of food to which she was severely allergic. The EpiPen injection we quickly gave her likely saved her life. Alex was stung by a bee when in his 30s, and unexpectedly had his first anaphylactic reaction, losing consciousness within minutes.  Quick action on […]

Using accurate information in publications

I am happy to have multiple news publications available in Encinitas, reflecting the diversity of opinions in our community. However, I would be happier if they were reporting and editorializing based on accurate information.

Election signs, the Boogieman and spin doctors

Ever since incorporation, the city of Encinitas has specified exactly where, when, and how campaign signs can be displayed. Encinitas’ Municipal Code (EMC) devotes a separate Chapter 2 to campaign regulations. Section 2.16.040 limits the period during which campaign signs can be displayed to 30 days before and to three days after an election. Regulations […]

Thomas Elias: What we don’t know about the drought — Plenty

We know a fair amount about the drought that has now afflicted California for about three years: It has been the driest period since record-keeping began in the 19th Century.

What’s the beef with backyard beefsteaks?

I support an Encinitas that embraces our agricultural past and uses it to launch us into a small-scale farming renaissance that could be our future.

Density bonus projects are destroying our neighborhoods

Density bonus projects are destroying our neighborhoods and the quality of life of the residents. You’ve probably seen over-built developments around town and have noticed that they do not fit the surrounding area.

The political party to end all parties

Fed up with our sick and stalemated political system in Washington, but always quick with a great sense of humor, my brilliantly goofy brother has proudly invented “PBR Squared” — The Progressive Brotherhood of Radical Republicans.  Clever.

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